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Car Magnetic Curtain For Audi A6 Pack of 2

Rs2,999.00 Rs6,500.00

Car magnetic sumshades are prevent your car interior from direct sunrays. sunshades covers your full window frame. 80% protection from UV Rays. sunshades are very easy to install just place the sunshade close to your window frame and it will stick autometically at your window. 100 % custome design according to you car model.


1. 2pcs. of front Zipper Sunshades, 4 Pcs of back Non-Zipper Sunshades.

2. PREMIUM quality product.

3. UV protection.

4. No wear or tear.

5. Highly Durable.

6. Covers the entire window.(designed separately for each car).

7. Protect and Prevent from sunlight.

8. Keep car cool even in the hottest weather.

9. Made with finest mesh cloth.

10. Simple & Quick Installation and Removal.

11. Reduces heat level and protects interiors from direct heat.