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Bergmann Hurricane Hi-Power Car Vacuum Cleaner (Blue)

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Bergmann Germany brings the versatile and powerful car vacuum cleaner. keep your car clean with this vacuum cleaner. There is a hose, wide brush attachment, crevice nozzle and brush tool to handle different types of messes in your car. These can help you reach every nook and corner of your car. With the impressive suction and the right tool, this vacuum cleaner tends to make cleaning jobs comparatively quick and easy. The long cord can help you reach any space in even the largest SUV. The cigarette lighter socket is high quality and comes with an in-built LED light and fuse. An extra fuse has also been provided just in case the original one blows off. Another great aspect is that it is a bagless car vacuum, which means you do not have to replace any bags. The units with bags eventually become clogged, which can lessen suction if you do not monitor everything, making you buy new bags eventually. A must for every car product.