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Coozo 3d Mat For Honda BRV (Black)
Rs1,699.00 Rs2,475.00

Coozo 3d Mat For Honda BRV Set of 5 Custom made car mats in Best Quality for better durability and perfect fitting. Very thick fabric with form inside making driving experience Better. Buy car mats for honda BRV online 3-Dimention design fits floor perfectly with raised edge. keep the car original floor carpet clean. Rich leather finish with gives bold look to your car interior. 100% water proof, protects car from dirt, mud, water and oil. These mats are moulded in such a way that they firmly fi..

Coozo Wind-Screen Wiper Blades For Honda BRV
Rs399.00 Rs999.00

Coozo wind-screen wiper blades for honda brv Coozo wiper blades provides a clearer and smoother wiping performance while driving. Heavy Duty Aerodynamic Design provides exceptional strength and durability which helps to keep the blade closer to the windscreen, ensuring clear vision @ high speeds. Unique new wiper rubber developed by Coozo with 70% Silicon Content. Longer service life due to pressure points for streak wiping. Pre-fitted connector - ready to attach straight out of the box. Frame ..