Coido - 6016 - Heavy Duty Professional Car Polisher

  • Brand: Coido
  • Product Code: 6016
  • Coido - 6016 - Heavy Duty Professional Car Polisher
  • Coido - 6016 - Heavy Duty Professional Car Polisher
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The Coido 6016 Heavy Duty Professional Car Polisher for polishing and grooming your cars. Things to keep in mind while using it are-

·         Do not use with too much pressure.

·         If pressed too hard, the motor will slow down and become less efficient.

·         Keep unit dry at all times.

·          Do not stop it forcefully

·         Clean sponge pad with mild detergent.

·         Must be dry completely for next use.

If polishing is done the way it is meant to be, it will give better results and stay longer. The step by step of how to do it is like this-

- After Washing, use dry clean cloth to dry car completely.
- Put a thin layer of wax on sponge.
- Turn on power and rub with vehicle surface gently.
- For Best results, do not use too much wax.

- Wait for wax to dry and become white
- Apply light pressure to car surface for a brilliant shine.

About the Brand-

For more than 50 years, Coido has manufactured quality products for both consumers and automotive industries. They offer complete range of Compressors, Tire Inflators, Vacuum Cleaners and Auto Accessories. Coido is a world leader in the production of high quality air compressors and tire inflators. They still continue to bring innovative and reliable products to the market.

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